• Shipments 

    The Venus Elect. & Lighting include insurance for all shipments.
    This insurance is included in the price of the mail.
    Shipping is done as available.

  • Payments

    Payment is made by bank transfer.
    Absolutely safe. The Venus Elect. & Lighting uses secure payment platforms for payment.
    Bank transfer account numbers are available after ordering products and confirming orders.
    Information is protected by SSL with 168-bit encryption key length (highest commercially available).

How to buy

It is very easy to buy for the first time. Just follow these steps: 

1- Find the products you wish to receive.

2- Select the desired number of each product.

3- Click on “Add To Cart”.

4- Click on the shopping cart.

5- Choose your shipping address.

6- Payment will be made by the bank transfer account number displayed after ordering the products.